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Announcement: 05/14 - 05/17 - 2020 Friday Harbor CBGT
Posted: hardee @ Fri Jan 03, 2020 8:57 pm
2020 Friday Harbor CBGT is Official
May 14 to 17 FH, (Thurs) Friday(15) - Sunday(17)AM

It is on the book at Friday Harbor. The dates are set now, and you can start making your plans around those days. We still have the Thursday night "thing" going -- If we have 10 or more boats there on Thursday we will get the group rate for that night and the next 2 nights. We WILL HAVE the party barge for both Friday and Saturday this year. We also have "H" dock and they will make room on G (if we need it). I told Chris to plan on it.

So this year is going to be much like 2019 CBGT. At this point there is something less than a free for all brawl of folks wanting to jump in and take the lead. So, to get the ball rolling, I am willing to be go between (CBRAT to Friday Harbor Marina) and will open the floor up for volunteers for the various activities. (These will come up in a list down the way.) I am interested in:
1. Who is planning on coming. (We will have a sign-up page here shortly, I'm sure.) Boat Name, size and number aboard.
2. Dates to be on the dock.
3. Power / water hook-up
The above #1, 2, 3 should be posted in this thread PLEASE. AND sign in on the event "sign-up" list.

Any thoughts on preferred activities, meals or volunteering are welcome. Last year we had a pretty great time, and I attribute that to having such great teamwork. Let's do it again.

Note: There will be another thread posted regarding a "Pre FH-CBGT Cruise" also. This will be a group meet and/or launch at Coronet Bay State Park on Sunday, May 10, and cruise to some of the San Juan Islands and parks, arriving at Friday Harbor on Thursday, May 14. Please try and keep the individual threads/posts segragated.

SleepyC Moon

Added to Calendar
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05/14 - 05/17 - 2020 Friday Harbor CBGT

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