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Announcement: 07/21 - 07/25 - 2016 Midwest Trailerable Trawler Gathering
Posted: SouthLake @ Fri Jan 22, 2016 9:54 am
Deb and I live on a 13,500 acre lake in West Central Ohio, Grand Lake St Marys. We keep our Ranger Tug R25 here, docked in back of our house when we don't trailer it for a trip.

There is an annual event held here called Lakefest which is quite popular. the 2016 Lakefest event is scheduled for July 22nd through July 24th. Lot's of rides, food, fireworks, etc.

I'm reaching out to both Ranger Tug owners and C-Dory owners (I had a CD25 before the Ranger Tug) to see if there would be interest in having a gathering here for the Lakefest weekend. We'd have some competition for the "cute boat" category as it's the largest annual gathering of Amphicars in the country.

There's a pump out station on the lake and a couple of public dock harbors that we could reserve. The docks don't have shore power at the moment but I've spoken to some community leaders to see if they could make that happen for us if there was enough interest. There are very nice launch ramps and I can look into truck/trailer parking if anyone wanted to have their rigs stored away from the ramp. There are several restaurants around the lake and good hotel accommodations for those who would want them. The state park has an excellent campground and some very nice shelter house facilities that I can reserve for a cookout.

Grand Lake St Marys is an easy drive with Interstate 75 and US 33 intersecting just to the east. Celina, Ohio is on the Northwest corner of the lake and that's where Lakefest is held. St Marys is on the Northeast side. The plan would be to reserve the docks in the Celina Lighthouse harbor but it's all dependent on how many boats we might have and arranging power to the docks.

My first order of business is to gauge the interest and that's why I'm posting this. It's not as big an excursion as the North Channel or the Gulf but it's a nice way to spend a summer weekend in the heartland and show off these great boats.

So, if you have interest in attending, please let me know.


Jeff and Deb Marcum
the Get~Aweigh

2010 Ranger Tug R-25
email: TheMarcums@GetAweigh.COM

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