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SOLD - 2000 C-Dory Endurance For Sale

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Tony Ferris

Joined: 30 Jun 2008
Posts: 65
City/Region: Mead, CO
State or Province: CO
C-Dory Year: 2000
C-Dory Model: 22 Cruiser
Vessel Name: Endurance
Photos: Endurance
PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2023 10:16 pm    Post subject: SOLD - 2000 C-Dory Endurance For Sale Reply with quote

Hello to all! I logged onto C-Brats and found almost 6000 new messages since I last logged on. I've never been a big poster even though I've been here for 14-15 years, but it's definitely been awhile.

I have a 2000 C-Dory 22, the Endurance, with a new Tohatsu 115Hp fuel injected engine for sale. See below for price and contact information.

Life has been interesting and it has not involved boating in any way. Unfortunately, I should have done this about 3-4 years ago, but it's better late than never. The last time I've used my boat was in Oct of 2019. Winter came, the virus came, life slowly moved on and when it was time to go boating again, I started having some health issues. It started with knee problems in the middle of moving from one house to another and by the end of summer, 2021, I had my right knee replaced. Had no idea it would happen again, but by May of 2022, I had my left knee replaced. By November that same year, I had a triple fusion of my cervical spine, which ended up with a return to the hospital for a week. I'm not complaining, just explaining why I haven't used my boat. I'm now facing some additional surgery and it's become apparent that my boating career is over for the time being. I see no point in having my boat sit around wasting away when someone else would enjoy owning it.

I bought this boat in 2009 from Jim States in Shelton, Washington. I still have the Washington title, because Colorado licenses boats through the Department of Parks and they have no title. It came with twin Honda 40's that served me well for all but four trips to Lake Powell. The last four were with a new Tohatsu 115hp fuel injected motor.

Over the years I've added and removed several things. Since I enjoy amateur radio and I needed more room for storage, I added a luggage rack. I could carry all sorts of things from gas cans to camping equipment and I ended up putting a couple of VHF and UHF antennas, an HF antenna, and a cellphone antennall mounted to the rack. I had a lot of questions about why I needed so many antennas. I've removed all my ham radio equipment and antennas, as well as my cell antenna since my cell booster decided to quit working.

Along with that I added fishing rod holders, a stainless steel bar across the rear of the cockpit which had another fishing pole holder. All the hardware for all this stuff comes with the boat, but right after repowering the boat, I decided it was time to remove everything, patch all sorts of small holes from screws, etc and repaint the cockpit. I did that after my last trip and got one new coat of gelcoat rolled on. It's a little lighter white than the rest of the boat, but I didn't care, because I had every intention of repainting the entire boat. I figured after coats 2 and 3, all the various holes I patched would never be seen again and I could remount all the hardware for things like fishing pole holders, etc.

With all the surgeries and aftermath, it's really hard to get that done. One thing nobody ever told me was that when you get new knees, you can't kneel anymore. Everything I ever do involves kneeling and that's really frustrating. So, I'll be the first to tell you that the gelcoat in and around the cockpit needs more work. It's 100% fully functional, but it hasn't been sanded and additional coats were never applied.

That said, here's a description of the boat:

2000 C-Dory 22 Cruiser
2018 Tohatsu BFT115A Fuel Inject Outboard (I repowered the boat in August of 2018 and went on two trips to Lake Powell in 2018 and two more in 2019 for a total of 54.5 hrs. For all intents and purposes the engine is new.)
Spare prop for Tohatsu Engine
Baystar Hydraulic Steering installed when the boat was repowered in August of 2018
Delta Anchor with 20' chain and 200' of rode
Dual Axle EZ Loader Trailer (I bought the boat in 2009 and converted it from one axle to two, with electric brakes)
Rewired the trailer with all LED lights for way more reliability
Four new tires as of today (9/27/2023)
Two New Duracell Batteries (receipt is with boat paperwork)
Full Sunbrella Heavy Duty Cover
Small Sunbrella Mooring Cover (over the cockpit)
Bimini Cover (This cover has a small tear in one spot and with all the aforementioned issues, I never had it repaired.)
Full Camper Enclosure
Wallas Diesel Stove (This is not the original, I replaced the stove about 2014 - I can't remember the exact date)
SHURflo Automatic Bilge Pump under the sink/stove cabinet
SHURflo Bilge Pump in Cockpit
Wash Down System for use in freshwater
LED Headlights.

The engine was installed by "TheBoatDoc" of Kimberly, Idaho. The owner chose to reinforce the transom during the install. There is a large stainless steel plate on the rear of the transom and on the inside are two smaller plates. You can see this in the photos.

Electronics and House Electrical System:
For the most part the electronics are original. I have spent the last 14 years boating exclusively in freshwater at Lake Powell. Though the boat came from the Puget Sound, I've never had it in saltwater. I have had no reason to update the electronics other than add a color chartplotter/fish finder that I could add maps of Lake Powell

Around 2014, I completely rewired the boat. There's fuses right at the batter terminals, a 200amp circuit breaker on the main power line behind the helm, a master power switch, and various circuits for lighter plugs, USB charging, and lighting (all led), radar, navigation, etc. I installed a DC-DC converter that takes any input from 10.7v to 14v and outputs 13.8vdc. This unit kept all my ham radios running at 13.8vdc no matter what the battery voltage. One of the really great features is if I felt like starting my Wallas stove, I didn't have to start the engine. Wallas stoves take about 10-12 amps to start and if the voltage goes low, the stove won't start. The DC inverter keeps all the power at 13.8v all the time. It will go above 13.8 if you're alternator is running 14v. There is a display for the input and output voltage so you'll know if your house battery is getting low. You can disable the display if you don't want it glowing in the dark.

Should you get newer electronics, the DC-DC converter will keep all the newest technology running at 13.8vdc all the time. If you transmit on the VHF radio at high power, it's not going to drop the voltage to the entire house power system.

Furuno 1622 Radar
Garmin GPSMAP 215 Chartplotter with Puget Sound Maps
Garmin Fishfinder 240
Lowrance Elite 5 DSI Color Chartplotter with American Freshwater Maps added around 2015
IC-M504 VHF Radio (replaced around 2015)
Kenwood KDC-252U Stereo (There's a 32Gb Flashdrive installed completely filled with music)
PowerTechon PS1001 Pure Sinewave 600W Inverter
ProSafe Galvanic Isolator
Xantrex TrueCharge2 Battery Charger with Xantrex Remote Contol Panel
Two 120W Flexible Solar Panels (I velcroed them to my bimini cover)
EPEver Tracer MPPT Solar Charge Controller with Remote Control Panel and Display

Miscellaneous Items:
Large Downrigger with mounting hardware and 10' lead ball
Two life vests
One throwable floating cushion
Fire extinguisher
Two 2 speed fans, one front and one rear, with rubber blades
Digital thermometer with long probe you can hang into the water or just get inside and outside temperature
Two hanging storage racks, one over the table and one over the sink for books, maps, miscellaneous, etc.
Second prop
Bug screen covers for the front window, the v-berth hatch, the back door, and around the bimini cover. The bug screens have velcro and the large screen to enclose the cockpit is just attached with plastic clips (included.)
Various Pots/Pans

I haven't updated any of my photo albums since about 2010. Hopefully, I'll have an album of miscellaneous trips to Lake Powell that show the boat in all sorts of configurations since I've changed things. I took some photos today of the boat in my driveway. I haven't had time to get the interior yet, but will do that soon. I'm also having trouble getting albums to add. I started adding things and haven't seen the completed album show up yet.

I know many of you know Jody Kidd. I've known him longer than I've owned this boat. We met at Lake Powell long before that when I had a pontoon boat. He's the one that found this boat for me in 2009.

I called Jody last night and told him I was going to trailer the boat up to Oak Harbor and put it on consignment with Kathy at EQ Marine. We talked about what it was worth because I haven't kept up with anything C-Dory for the last several years of dealing with life and surgeries. Jody's recommendation was that I ask $45,000 for the boat. After looking at all the boats for sale here on C-Brats I think that's a fair price. I'll start there and accept anything that's reasonable. If you're interested, let me know.

Here's the situation. I have a son and family who live in Ellensburg, Washington. I'm leaving to see them this Saturday. I'll probably get there late Monday night or Tuesday midday. I live in Mead, CO, just north of Denver. I can travel there on I80 to I84, then up through Twin Falls, Boise, Pendleton, then Yakima to Ellensburg. Or, I can go north on I25 to I90 and west to Ellensburg. My plan is to go the I90 route because I hate the truck traffic on I80 with a passion. Once I get to Ellensburg, I'll spend the night and the next day I'll head to Oak Harbor to put the boat on consignment with EQ Marine.

I'd much prefer to sell my boat to someone on C-Brats. I haven't given many enough time to do that, but if you're on either of those routes or can look at the boat in Ellensburg, or you want me to stop by on my way to Oak Harbor (I'm going over US2 and Stephens Pass to get there) let me know.

Putting a boat on consignment anywhere is 10% of the asking price. At $45K, that's $4500. If any of you want to do business before I get to EQ Marine.

The price here on C-Brats will be $39K. That will save somebody a bunch of money. I know there are a few issues with the boat. The cockpit needs more gelcoating and the bimini cover needs a patch. Hopefully that savings will take care of that and more. Somebody that likes doing things themselves can easily take care of both issues. I'll consider any reasonable offer.

I won't be able to respond to a PM here on C-Brats after Friday, the best thing to do is just call me. My phone is 303-775-8630. If I don't remember to turn off blocking unknown numbers, you'll have to leave voicemail. You can also send me email at "tony AT ferrises DOT com."

Old pictures are in a few albums under "Endurance." New ones are coming

Tony Ferris

Northern Colorado
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Tony Ferris

Joined: 30 Jun 2008
Posts: 65
City/Region: Mead, CO
State or Province: CO
C-Dory Year: 2000
C-Dory Model: 22 Cruiser
Vessel Name: Endurance
Photos: Endurance
PostPosted: Sat Sep 30, 2023 10:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have added a much larger photo album of the Endurance, for sale at $39K. All my photo albums are located under the "Endurance."

Additions to the original description are as follows:

The engine is a 2019 Tohatsu 115 with 54.5 hrs. (I originally described it as a 2018.) I forgot a photo of the hour meter, which I'll add as soon as possible.

I described a couple of issues with the boat. I have several photos of the cockpit area and what the gelcoat looks like after the first coat of new paint. I was unable to complete sanding and apply additional coats, however, these defects are only cosmetic and can easily be sanded and another coat applied. I'll include the can of paint with the boat.

I also have top and bottom photos showing the small tear in the bimini cover. This too is an easy repair.
Miscellaneous items with the boat are a spare prop, toolkit, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, etc., Several quarts of oil, steering fluid, the kit used to bleed the steering system, two life vests, and probably a few other items I haven't remembered.

Price for anyone on C-Brats is $39K.

I'm traveling to Washington to put this boat on consignment, leaving Sunday morning. I'd really like to sell it to someone without the middle man when it's on consignment.

Contact me at 303-775-8630.
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Tony Ferris

Joined: 30 Jun 2008
Posts: 65
City/Region: Mead, CO
State or Province: CO
C-Dory Year: 2000
C-Dory Model: 22 Cruiser
Vessel Name: Endurance
Photos: Endurance
PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2023 7:46 am    Post subject: C-Dory Endurance Has Been Sold Reply with quote

As stated above, we put this boat on consignment at EQ Harbor Service in Oak Harbor.

Kathy Kranig is the best to work with. If you're in that area and need anything, she will help you in any way she can.

The boat has been sold and I wish the new owners as much fun and enjoyment as we had over the 14 years we owned the boat.
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