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 Lake Powell 2015 
From: tengland (tengland)  Sun Oct 11 18:01:43 2015
Great Picture!


Thataway/thisaway Marie with early morning stripers  
From: thataway (thataway)  Sat Oct 10 22:13:24 2015
Miss Angel approved, even if she didn't catch them!

From: Wandering Sagebrush (Wandering Sagebrush)  Sun Oct 11 00:50:34 2015
I'd say Miss Marie was pretty good with a fishing rod!


A real Dory!  
From: Wandering Sagebrush (Wandering Sagebrush)  Sun Oct 11 00:42:12 2015
It's a Willie boat. Made by Willie Illingworth's factory. He started Alumaweld as well. He was a character to say the least.


Miss Angel, with Miss Marie--who is ready to go?   
From: Wandering Sagebrush (Wandering Sagebrush)  Sun Oct 11 00:43:24 2015
Great shot Bob!  
From: Lost Petrel (Lost Petrel)  Sun Oct 11 13:15:03 2015
Wild Blue will remain Wild Blue as long as I have her


Got to finish with a sunset.  This was in Gun Site, near where Planets of the Apes II was filmed.   
From: jkidd (jkidd)  Sun Oct 11 18:00:11 2015
Cool picture!!!

From: anchorout (anchorout)  Sun Oct 11 19:17:35 2015


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