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 My Old Boats 
10th Boat - 1989 Duroboat 14' My 10th boat was the same as my 3rd boat, back to a 14' Duroboat!  
From: Aurelia (Aurelia)  Thu May 4 14:23:38 2017
My brother in law had this same model/color as his first boat. The family called it sunshine and it was a great boat for the years they had it.


Art Nordtvedt at the 2004 Fiberglassics NW meet at Lake Whatcom  
From: Catman (Catman)  Fri Apr 28 16:35:06 2017
Mike, all your old boat photos are gems, and fun to view. And these photos featuring the Uniflite founder and your Bell Boy are real treasures.


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