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 alandgin (TBD) 
Rear seat/back rest -- seat removes easily to have room for fishing  
From: jer2 (jer2)  Wed Nov 26 13:04:36 2008
11/26/08 I would be interested in the 'specs'(dimensions) of this custom cockpit seat. We have a 16' Cruiser with same Hemlock fabric.

Thank You
John Roark

From: ()  Sat Jul 18 19:09:40 2009
How many people can you comfortably cruise around with while your awesome bench seat is in place? Im considering a 16 and Im trying to find out how many people I can cruise around my local bay with.

Thank you,

From: john david hamilton (john david hamilton)  Tue Nov 1 14:08:04 2011
What is the size of the bench? What type of material did you make the bench out of. I would like to do the same thing on my 16' angle c-dory. Thanks. John


CD-16 Angler winterized and under cover for the winter  
From: baensch-ak (baensch-ak)  Sun Feb 3 13:37:48 2008
Hi, this fr Al & Karen Baensch, Prineville, OR. We are looking to get another 16'Cruiser and wonder if it will fit into our garage. How hi is your door? How long boat,mot.on trailer? Please.

From: @ C (@ C)  Sat Mar 15 21:00:42 2008
I would be interested in the answer to this question also.


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