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Shower head and control, recessed in aft deck  
From: cmetzenberg (cmetzenberg)  Mon Dec 10 02:50:56 2018
Where did you mount this exactly? I'm thinking about putting one of these in


AC air handler inside--the headliner and insullation will cover up the wood frame  
From: retnavy (retnavy)  Wed Feb 16 08:25:20 2011
Who did you buy your A/C from? Very nice install by the way.

From: Gowaltergo (Gowaltergo)  Sat Dec 6 22:38:11 2014
Why did you sell your 255?
I'm looking for a like new loaded 255
Now, any suggestions?


gap under the galley fiddle rail  
From: eNORMous (eNORMous)  Sun Aug 31 00:08:10 2008
I have a fair gap on my galley fiddle rails, as well.


caulking on aft cabin bulkhead completed.  12 oz of urethane caulk required to fill voids  
From: eNORMous (eNORMous)  Sun Aug 31 00:09:02 2008
Very glad I saw this photo. While mine's a 25' Cruiser, I'm going to check just the same.


Stove vent, too high so that fiddle does not fit down on counter  
From: eNORMous (eNORMous)  Sun Aug 31 00:07:34 2008
I hear ya. Mine was cracked when I picked up the boat.


New hand rails, aft cabin top outboard  
From: eNORMous (eNORMous)  Sun Aug 31 00:10:09 2008
This is a great idea - I may do the same on my 25' Cruiser.


Sheeves on davit arm end  
From: Ray (Ray)  Mon Oct 27 14:24:42 2014
Really nice how you had the arm painted with a relaxing scene for looks!


Nonskid surface rolled out on the new cockpit floor  
From: Tug (Tug)  Thu Jan 21 14:24:38 2010
Do you remember what type (name )of the non-skid surface that you applied.


Final prep shows void in non marine plywood.  The top layer of glass was only about 1/8 to 3/16  
From: mikeporterinmd (mikeporterinmd)  Tue May 22 21:17:52 2007
Interesting the number of plys in that plywood. I forget how many layers are in the piece of marine ply I have outside, but I think it's more than the five I think I can count here.


Screw holes for bilge pump in cabin step sump, ground out and filled with epoxy, so no screws into core  
From: eNORMous (eNORMous)  Sun Aug 31 00:19:47 2008
Great idea - I'm going to look into this since it's a new 25' I might start to save myself some harder work down the road.


Note the dirt on the foreward lip, and no bedding on the frame.  
From: mikeporterinmd (mikeporterinmd)  Sun Jun 3 21:15:08 2007
Bedding a hatch properly is one of the first things I had to learn to is also not all that hard.


initial photo after the \  
From: mikeporterinmd (mikeporterinmd)  Sun Jun 3 21:13:33 2007
Stuff like this has been going on since the 80s. Probably longer. You would think they would care a little more. Cost me $4,000 on a Searay, and friend an entire winter's worth of work on a 32' Wellcraft.


Final layer of epoxy, and 10 oz glass covering the hole, with two layers of 10 oz glass covering and tying the void in the foreward area--all water tight.  
From: eNORMous (eNORMous)  Sun Aug 31 00:23:53 2008
Nice work.


Fast set epoxy  
From: dgeorges (dgeorges)  Tue Dec 11 21:58:51 2018
LOVE THIS STUFF!I've used it in many places on my boat.


Railing on foreward cabin house CD 25  
From: eNORMous (eNORMous)  Sun Aug 31 00:26:40 2008
Another great spot for a rail.


Manson Supreme on pulpit Tom Cat  
From: retnavy (retnavy)  Sun Sep 18 19:52:41 2011
Is that the best all around anchor for the cat in your opinion?


Eclipse moon  
From: South of Heaven (South of Heaven)  Fri Jan 1 19:46:27 2016
Cool pic.


Album: Untitled
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From: Tug (Tug)  Sat Dec 3 17:19:14 2011
Neat stuff!


From: thataway (thataway)  Thu Mar 15 12:53:54 2012
Mill Bastard file to remove any plating on top of adaptor


From: thataway (thataway)  Thu Mar 15 12:54:31 2012
File to remove plating around the area of the adaptor where the solder will fill in the holes from the outer housing


From: thataway (thataway)  Thu Mar 15 12:55:29 2012
The outer braid is stripped back and then laid over the tinned part of the adaptor. This is then heated and solder sweated into the braid.


From: thataway (thataway)  Thu Mar 15 12:55:54 2012
Close up of soldering the braid to adaptor


From: thataway (thataway)  Thu Mar 15 12:57:01 2012
The adaptor has been tinned with solder. The inner insulation has been cut back except about 1/4", and then a metal washer, and next a teflon washer are put over the insulation.


From: thataway (thataway)  Thu Mar 15 12:57:54 2012
Small amounts of solder are sweated into the holes on the body of the PL 259 after the center conductor is soldered to the inner pin.


From: thataway (thataway)  Thu Mar 15 12:58:26 2012
Holes are filled with solder, slightly concave.


From: thataway (thataway)  Thu Mar 15 13:02:29 2012
center conductor in place ready to be soldered to the center pin of PL 259. Solder only to the center conductor and let it wick down to the brass center pin, filling the top part of it.


From: thataway (thataway)  Thu Mar 15 13:05:58 2012
Center Conductor filled with solder and excess cut off.


From: joefish (joefish)  Tue Feb 5 00:20:54 2013
Should've known a girl from Mississippi could catch fish. Nice!


Bad snap  
From: bridma (bridma)  Sat Aug 4 18:43:44 2012
Vaseline or chapstick all snap poppers once a month. Less likely to break.


Crane davit over top  
From: shellndanm (shellndanm)  Fri May 23 18:04:21 2014
starting to look like a lobster boat, awesome


Album: Thisaway: Lake Powell, 2014
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Album: Pre and post gathering the Andersons and Austins
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Album: Apalachicola, Oct. 2014 gathering at RiverCrest
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Album: Untitled
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Pat and Patty finally drink a proper toast to Patty\'s birthday, and completion of the great Loop  
From: Catman (Catman)  Wed Feb 14 00:18:53 2018
Congratulations, Pat and Patty!


Day before leaving Long Beach, CA for Alaska May 1993.  
From: thataway (thataway)  Sun Apr 14 19:35:53 2019
This photo was taken in May of 1993, just before our going away party. Note the "Thataway" symbol of our hands. We slipped out the next morning at 4AM and sailed non stop to Morro Bay on the first leg of the voyage to Alaska on our first trip.


My Father\'s sail boat circa 1947  
From: thataway (thataway)  Sun Apr 14 19:33:10 2019
The little white dot on the starboard side, is "Bob" at age about 11. The boat was 2Nd 6' long and had been rebuilt during WWII. He had built the mast and fin keel. The sails were make of Egyptian cotton.


Locura returns to Long Beach, CA, after 4 years and 41,000 miles at sea  
From: thataway (thataway)  Sun Apr 14 19:28:44 2019
Two boats had sailed down the coast to meet us, and friends organized the gathering for 200 people who greeted us. We sank the dock when all of the well wishers gathered along side.

From: thataway (thataway)  Sun Apr 14 19:31:41 2019
Even though "Locura" was 62' LOA. Over half of our 41,000 miles was with just Marie and I aboard. We visited over 50 counties, and had over 60 guests aboard during the voyage.


Major surgery on our Cal 46--in the water!  
From: thataway (thataway)  Sun Apr 14 19:23:44 2019
I'll admit, I didn't know if this would work--we cut out the center of the transom. We were afraid that the hull might spring outward--it didn't move a single millimeter.

From: thataway (thataway)  Sun Apr 14 19:25:19 2019
We had to cut the 46 boat down to 45 feet to get a live aboard slip. Cutting the bow out of the transom, got us 8" "We took the other 4" off the bow, mostly by changing the anchor roller.

From: thataway (thataway)  Sun Apr 14 19:27:29 2019
The next photo showed the end result: Two large lazarettes, a swim step, a stair case, the labs could climb easily, and s way to easily bring the RIB aboard when underway.


The results of the major surgery--add small swim step, stair, better organized storage, and Radar Arch, and the RIB is winched aboard over the SS bar between the legs of the arch.  
From: thataway (thataway)  Sun Apr 14 19:20:35 2019
Railing helped board the dinghy, swim ladder under the mat. Lazarettss on each side--port sealed off for inflatables


The first\  
From: thataway (thataway)  Sun Apr 14 19:15:28 2019
Sails are stripped off, and the spinnaker pole is over the foredeck, ready to put the "Tent" winter cover over the boat when she was docked in Sequim, Wa for the winter.


Cal 46 \  
From: thataway (thataway)  Sun Apr 14 19:12:31 2019
Note the RIB on the deck with bow over the aft cabin. There was an electric winch on the combing just forward of the bow of the RIB, and the boat could be launched and retrieved when were were underway at speeds up to 8 knots.


Symbol 42 \  
From: thataway (thataway)  Sun Apr 14 19:10:13 2019
Different view form 12 feet above the water, than near the water in our sailboats.


Marie and my mother at age 87 at the helm of \  
From: thataway (thataway)  Sun Apr 14 19:08:43 2019
My mother continued to boat with us until she was 95 years old. She went to AK with us on the Cal 46 2x and once in the RV. Remarkable lady!


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