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(Sea Wolf) Battery Switch for #3 & #4 Batteries on Side of Dinette Seat

(Sea Wolf) Battery Switch for #3 & #4 Batteries on Side of Dinette Seat

From: Sea Wolf (Sea Wolf) (Mon Dec 6 12:57:49 2004)
Second battery switch controls two additional size 27 marine batteries under forward dinette seat. Although not absoloutly necessary, these extend the cruising range w/o using the main motor to recharge the other two batteries immensely. Trolling motor draws max of 36 amps, usually 15-25 in most situations. Combined capacity of 4 batteries is 440 amp-hours. 65% of 440 is 286 a-h, and 286 a-h / 20 amps = 14 hours! Perhaps a bit of overkill,but we won't be entertaining dead battereies.
From: Sea Wolf (Sea Wolf) (Mon Dec 6 13:02:41 2004)
Charge rate of Yahaha 90 is 25 amps, but much of the charging can be done by the built in charger with the shore power at the dock or home. With the two switches and 4 battereies any possible combination of 1-4 batteries can be on line for use or charging.
From: Sea Wolf (Sea Wolf) (Fri Jun 6 11:59:05 2014)
The batteries can also be charged underway, when moored, or docked, etc., by my Honda 1000i generator. The vectron 40 amp charger I have mounted up in the v-berth also has a de-sulfication high voltage AC system that I use every few months that I feel contributes greatly to battery life.

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