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 Nootka Rose 
20 something  
From: Jazzmanic (Jazzmanic)  Tue Feb 7 12:32:07 2012
Nice feesh! - Peter


air time!  
From: Rain (Rain)  Sun Nov 29 17:27:04 2015
That's an AWESOME shot!


IMG 4241  
From: Chris Bulovsky (Chris Bulovsky)  Fri Aug 3 00:45:24 2012


 10 large garbage bags of foam came out  
From: anchorout (anchorout)  Sun Dec 15 21:59:32 2013
Kooks like a lot of work, but I gotta do the same for the storage. Good job.


1989 CD22 New to Me Boat  
From: Jake B (Jake B)  Tue Mar 18 11:42:59 2014
clean looking 89, looks well cared for....


Name on and varnish on rails  
From: Jazzmanic (Jazzmanic)  Sat Apr 12 18:07:28 2014
Looking good Stefan!

From: A Fishin C (A Fishin C)  Sun Apr 13 23:00:33 2014
Thanks Peter!


From: A Fishin C (A Fishin C)  Fri Jul 31 02:28:44 2015
Poets Cove


From: Jazzmanic (Jazzmanic)  Mon May 8 11:02:48 2017
Nice cooler rack Stefan! Glad you got it straightened out. It looks great!

From: A Fishin C (A Fishin C)  Sun May 14 00:57:46 2017
Thanks Peter! Looking forward to trying out the new set up for fishing.


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