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 New to Us 
Happy to be going, and maken wake.  
From: hardee (hardee)  Sun Sep 5 17:52:58 2010
Does she look happy or what? First day out, and we are both thrilled.


First trip out, made it back OK, Great time and LOVED IT!!  
From: ()  Tue Aug 31 21:29:03 2010

From: joefish (joefish)  Sun Apr 29 16:41:30 2012


SleepyC on Glass - 08  2009 Calendar cover for C-Dory set.  Strait of Juan de Fuca, not often this flat.   
From: hardee (hardee)  Thu Feb 26 00:15:58 2009
This is one of my personal favorites. Guess you really gotta be there.

From: hardee (hardee)  Sun Sep 27 09:54:06 2009
Photo courtesy of JC Lately, Paul and Verla, Thanks so much!


New to us, Delta Plow, 14#, purchased with chain and rode from SeaWolf Joe.  
From: hardee (hardee)  Mon Sep 26 17:26:59 2016
April 2016 the Delta was replaces with a Rocna 9kg, no swivel and still with the 70 feet of chain.


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