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 Minnie Swann 
Mayfly hatch '05, supposed sign of a healthy river.  
From: eNORMous (eNORMous)  Sun Sep 28 19:41:26 2008
Very nice. I've experienced this myself numerous times over the years - some quite larger where they brought in front-end loades to remove them off bridges on the Mississippi.

From: Anonymous (Anonymous)  Tue Sep 16 23:54:00 2014
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Clevis pin in position. Could have used more holes for adjustments.  
From: Anonymous (Anonymous)  Wed Nov 8 15:57:02 2006
Thanks for the great idea Minnie Swann. I drilled 5 holes in mine spaced 1 inch apart for more options.

From: Anonymous (Anonymous)  Thu Aug 7 06:21:12 2014
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From: Anonymous (Anonymous)  Sat Aug 9 03:53:45 2014
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Mississippi River Lock and Dam #1 at St.Paul, MN. There are two more locks up from it called St. Anthony #1 (30foot lift) & St. Anthony #2.  
From: Anonymous (Anonymous)  Thu Oct 12 14:04:19 2006
So just how far upriver can a C-Dory go? Your homework assignment G and G.


DSC 0017  
From: Anonymous (Anonymous)  Mon Jul 14 15:46:19 2008
I use a 2400 watt Yamaha gen powering an 8500 btu AMCOR a/c that requires no window mount, internal h20 recycle-just hose out window.

From: Anonymous (Anonymous)  Sun Jul 20 10:44:55 2008
my point was to have an easy $96.00 solution to one or two overnights per year.


The Kort nozzels were milled from 2  
From: anchorout (anchorout)  Wed Jul 23 19:36:09 2014
Very nice


C-Dory whirlygig video  
From: BoaterHomer (BoaterHomer)  Sun Jun 2 13:26:13 2013
I LOVE it !!! Great job!! I want one! Or at least the pattern so Casey can make one in the woodshop.


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