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Had to make sure some of the resident bear & bear spray X-sperts had actually seen a Bear Track. Ha-Ha.  
From: Brewkid (Brewkid)  Sat Feb 17 11:11:59 2018
Nice move quietly sliding this picture in during the bear spray discussion! Lol, classic!

From: tsturm (tsturm)  Sat Sep 1 18:39:01 2018
that pict was taken in your old hood, (esc. route)


120# Butt  
From: Edwin (Edwin)  Tue Jun 23 19:32:49 2020
Great set of pictures. That is something I would have loved to do. Thanks for posting them.

From: tsturm (tsturm)  Sat Jun 27 13:55:31 2020
yup 30-40 years ago I would have been all over that too.


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