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July 2002, Picked up new C-Dory @ Northwest Outlet, Superior, Wi., and trailer home to Va.  
From: Tug (Tug)  Mon Jan 23 15:20:02 2012
you just can't find those truck campers like yours anymore.


After taking the weight of the motor with the lift, I unbolted the steel cage away, ready to wheel over to the boat.  
From: D5800877351 (D5800877351)  Tue Aug 17 19:53:10 2004
is that a corvette i see?

From: Buck (Buck)  Tue Nov 23 18:51:17 2004
Yea, mama has a toy too! She got a C5 for Christmas a few years back.


Thumpers tonight Lake Powell August 007  
From: hardee (hardee)  Fri Sep 8 14:55:33 2017
This is a knockout pix. Thanks for putting it in.

From: Bucky (Bucky)  Fri Dec 8 16:08:44 2017
Thank you Hardee


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