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 Diving from No Pressure 
From: hardee (hardee)  Mon Feb 14 19:46:39 2011
I love this shot. Great lighting and drama. Thanks for sharing.


From: DoryLvr (DoryLvr)  Mon Feb 14 18:29:25 2011
Awesome shot. I sure miss the west coast diving.


Aeolidiella oliviae  
From: journey on (journey on)  Sun Sep 23 09:43:28 2012
Those are beautiful shots.


Spirit of America, Santa Cruz Island  
From: cmetzenberg (cmetzenberg)  Tue Jan 27 01:33:46 2015
I know that wreck!


LandingCraft2 zps73d1406c  
From: Jim & Dara (Jim & Dara)  Wed May 4 20:05:59 2016
Great Spanish Shoal shot!


Giant Sea Bass 2  
From: journey on (journey on)  Sat Sep 12 13:06:36 2015
I think it's wonderful that you use your C-Dory/tomcat to enjoy and photograph the life under water. It's beautiful.


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