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 Crabby Lou 
Crabby Lou at Everett 11-18-07  
From: Anonymous (Anonymous)  Sat Nov 24 14:48:03 2007
That's one handsome little craft, skipper.

From: Catman (Catman)  Wed Dec 19 02:44:28 2007
So jaunty and frolicsome. Stylishly dashing, dapper and debonair.
And the little boat. Is that a C-Dory?


Crabby Lou Forward Bulkhead Modification 11-15-08  
From: Wood Zeppelin (Wood Zeppelin)  Tue Aug 23 19:38:31 2016
Is it true that you need to keep the lower portion of the bulkhead in place? Because cruisers do not have this, although the do have the sleeping platform...


Lake Washington - Ballard Cruise 12-15-07  
From: Knotty C (Knotty C)  Thu Dec 20 01:09:05 2007
Nice canvas Pat and Patty



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