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 Checkpoint II 
Album: Salmon Salmon
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Sig in the background  
From: chromer (chromer)  Sat Apr 25 19:17:27 2009
Wizard starboard of Northwestern. Keith & Mouse Coburn's boat (famous for Moi the fired deckhand who came into the wheelhouse uninvited)


The gang on 8-6-2009, just prior to depart for Lopez Island  
From: dotnmarty (dotnmarty)  Fri Aug 7 11:48:29 2009
Did you use the kicker all the way?

From: chromer (chromer)  Fri Aug 7 11:56:02 2009
Marty - this is my launch and trailering configuration. Once onboard, i lower the main, raise the kicker!


ChasMac on FireFly at Shilshole Marina, Seattle  
From: chromer (chromer)  Mon Dec 14 21:57:58 2009
Day of departure 2008.. Destination Desolation Sound


LED 1  
From: chromer (chromer)  Wed Mar 10 16:13:54 2010
Special order bracket from Fisheries, Kevin lamp fit right in


E-Tec checked out  
From: South of Heaven (South of Heaven)  Mon Feb 8 21:31:35 2016
Chromer: What year is your eTEC? How do you like having a 2 stroke? I always loved the 'rudes.

From: chromer (chromer)  Mon Feb 8 23:41:33 2016
Napolean, its now 10 years old ! It's had a couple issues that have been worked out. Nice having a fast lightweight motor

From: chromer (chromer)  Mon Feb 8 23:46:29 2016

From: South of Heaven (South of Heaven)  Tue Feb 9 11:49:12 2016
Cool. My (new) motor is an 03 Yamaha F80, 4 stroke and carbed. I'm really hoping it performs well and has no major hiccups. But in all likelihood I can see myself with a new eTec in a couple years. I can't wait til Spring so I can't see "what's what" with the Yamy.


phone calls?  
From: dotnmarty (dotnmarty)  Wed Jul 14 13:12:22 2010
Hello! Who is this?


Westport Dock 5  
From: chromer (chromer)  Fri Jul 30 00:48:54 2010
Full length video at


Red Snapper  
From: Navanax (Navanax)  Sun Feb 12 23:51:52 2012
That may be the fishiest looking setup I've ever seen after the Checkpoint2


March 14 2010  
From: dotnmarty (dotnmarty)  Sun Dec 1 07:04:08 2013
Hey that's Lizzie on the left!


41 years difference of Toyota  
From: dotnmarty (dotnmarty)  Mon Dec 5 09:42:52 2011
Nice truck. The blue one's OK too


My new app prototype  
From: chromer (chromer)  Mon Apr 21 18:08:19 2014
App gets NMEA depth off GoFree wireless network, displays it and speaks it over the internal speaker or bluetooth


with ping  
From: South of Heaven (South of Heaven)  Mon Feb 8 21:35:46 2016
What app is this? How does it work?

From: chromer (chromer)  Mon Feb 8 23:39:00 2016
Hi Napolean. I built this app for iOS and never put it on app store. I use it for myself, with maybe a release later. It pulls this data off of Lowrance wifi network and displays/and or speaks the depth over Siri and Bluetooth

From: South of Heaven (South of Heaven)  Tue Feb 9 11:45:01 2016


IMG 3382  
From: Catch 22 (Catch 22)  Sun Aug 12 23:43:54 2018
This is awesome. Location? Year?


New to me - Pass lake skiff  
From: Jazzmanic (Jazzmanic)  Sun Jan 7 02:18:16 2018
Nice Dwight!


Limpet - Powell R.  July 16, 2017  
From: Catman (Catman)  Sun May 3 15:30:21 2020
And SleepyC behind Limpet.

From: chromer (chromer)  Tue May 26 01:06:31 2020
Harvey on the Sleepy-C


From: crazy4salmon (crazy4salmon)  Mon May 17 19:45:59 2021


Album: Alure
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